Nope… I didn’t play in a band growing up, no music lessons or trumpet in school, my parents were not always playing music in the house, or any of the other annoying trope that starts DJ bios these days.

I grew up with a shitty radio in my room and scanned all the stations for whatever I could find in underground hip hop, nu wave, Hi-NRG (which was huge in San Francisco in the early 80’s) or and eventually freestyle and house/techno a little later. I loved watching super-skilled hip hop DJ’s rock parties and I wanted to be one so I saved and saved for some crappy Numark belt driven decks and a $100 Gemini mixer. I just loved music! Still do for that matter.

Of course before too long I found a way to get some Technics 1200’s and a Rane, and after dabbling in the scratch scene for about a year, I am a hip hop kid / b-boy after all, and getting quite good at all the basic and even more advanced cuts, the underground house & techno (California rave?) scene won me over and the rest is history! You can hear and see my hip hop heritage in the way I play, a rarity among those of us that live in the world of proper house and techno, but I never take away from the vibe with a bunch of “look at me” nonesense that takes away from the party on the dancefloor.

Hey look, a bio written in first person!